Saturday, January 11, 2014

Supposedly radioactive beaches near San Francisco tested clean of Fukushima, radiation is naturally occurring

This is a followup to an earlier post where I went over a video showing elevated radioactivity at a beach near San Francisco.  New information now available is showing that the radiation came from naturally occurring thorium and radon.

This video reads through an article posted on the Half Moon Bay Patch.

Basically, the person who did the earlier video didn't do any analysis.  He walked around and noted some numbers - but the numbers could be any kind of radiation.

That is - a Count on a Geiger Counter is simply the thingy noting a radioactive particle was picked up by the Counter.  It doesn't tell you the source of that particle.  And it's the source of the particle which determines how risky it is.  At least that's my half-assed understanding at this time.

One of the links below was written by Dan Sythe, CEO for International Medcom, the maker of the Inspector geiger counter shown in the video.  He got some samples from the beach and used not only a geiger counter but a multichannel analyzer, and found that the samples contain naturally occurring Radium 226 and Thorium 232

He provided this screen capture:

 Note that all the peaks are different isotopes of Thorium and Radium.  This is a clear sign the material is naturally occurring.

This image is a sample taken from a "deck" in Fukushima Prefecture, and clearly shows peaks for Cesium-137.

Remember that Cesium-137 is not naturally occurring, and is wholly a byproduct of the Nuclear Age.

This video was recorded by someone who was more careful in reporting radiation readings on beaches between Half Moon Bay and San Francisco.

He clearly correlated the radiation readings to the presence (or not) of "dark sand", and concludes that this is naturally occurring radiation.

Radioactivity of sand from several renowned public beaches and assessment of the corresponding environmental risks

Tracing Coastal Sediment Movement By Naturally Radioactive Minerals

California Beach Radiation Not From Fukushima

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