Friday, December 20, 2013

Victoreen CDV-700 6A Geiger Counter -- Review

Victoreen CDV-700 6A Geiger Counter -- Review
Manufacturer: Victoreen Instrument Company

Purpose: Civil Defense Nuclear Fallout Survey Geiger-Muller Counter

Detectible Particles: Muon, Beta, Gamma, X-Ray
Tube: Victoreen 6993 Energy Compensated Geiger-Muller Tube
Sensitivity: Approximately 60 CPM / 1 mR/hr

Alert Features: None
Timer: None

Housing: Steel case with nickle plated brass probe
Power: Four standard D cell removable batteries
Endurance: 100 to 200 hours at background

Unit Ranges:
1x 0 to 300 CPM
10x 0 to 3,000 CPM
100x 0 to 30,000 CPM

1x 0 to 0.5 mR/hr
10x 0 to 5 mR/hr
100x 0 to 50 mR/hr

Anti-jamming: None

Designed to survive nuclear war
Less susceptible to EMP than digital units
Very Easy to use
Can change calibration very quickly
Field serviceable (with required skill)
Probe has very long cable
Built-in nuclear check source
Very rapid response (30 seconds initially, 7 seconds after that)

Exposure to check source may be of concern
Analogue scale can be harder to read than digital display
Check source can cause problems with transportation
No internal data logging. Requires external software (e.g. Geiger Graph)

(Details accurate per manufacturer's website as of July 22, 2012)

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