Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fish caught off Fukushima Prefecture to hit the market

Commercial fishing operations are now underway off Fukushima's coast.  Earlier test catches had found little or no radiation.  The commercially caught catches, 5.2 tons of 11 varieties of fish -- including octopus, horsehair crab, blackbelly rosefish and angler, were screened for radiation, deemed to be safe, and have gone on sale.

The 58-year-old captain of a 19-ton boat that took part in the trial said, "I felt good when I went fishing, but I'm concerned whether the catches will find buyers. I want consumers to feel secure and eat the products as we will only ship them after screening them strictly."

A 61-year-old official with the Soma-Futaba fisheries cooperative said, "We can only earn a living on the sea. We had come to a standstill, but we will move forward toward full-scale fishing."


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